Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Life is a whirlwind

I have been running non-stop lately and have found myself falling asleep on the couch about 4:00 several days now.  I'm thinking vitamins might be a good idea?  duh?

Sunday after church, I joined a group of women gathering to help make wedding invitations for a sweet friends daughter who is getting married in June.  The invitations are darling but each one involved about 15 different pieces!  Yes, that's right... 15!  And there are over 200 invitations to be made. We have a long way to go....  

Yesterday, I went to set up for my Art Expressions Bible Study class and spent a few hours working on my 3x3 ft. canvas piece for our upcoming week of 24/7 prayer. Gosh, I have a long way to go but I made some progress.  I'll be going to work on it every day this week.

This morning  I got to Bible Study early to  set  out last minute things  and go over the morning with Lori.  I got there about 8:30.  The morning went well and we, as a group, finished a month long collaborative project based on the Lord's prayer.  Actually, 3 people still need to put finishing touches on theirs but we were able to lay out 15- 11x14 panels side by side to see the Lord's prayer running through all of them with each panel having artwork based on that small section of the prayer each woman was assigned.  It is a powerful piece that moved me to tears.  This piece will also be part of the week of 24/7 prayer as a prayer station.  I can't wait to photograph it hanging.

Immediately following Bible Study, there was a leadership meeting that went from noon until 2:00 after which I was flying to school to pick up my boys.  Then,  I dropped them off at home and had to run back to church with a large plastic box to pack up all the artwork for storing until 24/7, which is the end of March.  I also had to take care of some details in the office so I didn't get home until 3:00.  By 5:00, I felt like someone gave me tranquilizers and I passed out on the couch.

Tomorrow, I plan to get a little bit of painting time in but have two meetings in the morning and my boys have early release so after I pick them up at 12:30, I promised Max to take him for new shoes... I swear, that kid kills his clothes and shoes.  He often looks like a homeless child when I pick him up from school.  Totally covered in food stuff, things spilled all over his clothes, dirt caked on him, head sweating, and holes ripped out of his pants... sometimes several pair a week!  I can't figure out what the heck he's doing.  Now this will be his third pair of tennis shoes in just a few months!  And he has a wide foot and can only find shoes to properly fit him at StrideRite!  Thankfully we have an outlet for them but still, while I get the shoes for more like $30. per pair instead of $50, I have to drive a good solid 20-25 minutes on the freeway to get there.  While there, I'll see if we can find him some in the next size up for growing and saving a trip.  The thing is, the last two pair of shoes were for them being trashed... not outgrown.  I hope tomorrow at least he goes up a size so I don't purchase a third pair in the same size in three months!  It's a good thing he wasn't my first born or there'd be no clothes for passing down.  With him, you often don't even have to wash the clothes.  When he takes them off at night, you just throw them in the trash!  Pathetic... and geez, he's only 6!

OK, I'm going to go see if anything interesting is on t.v. and veg for a few moments before bed.  And yippee... tomorrow night is Project Runway!!!!

Oh, I almost forgot... did you notice my new little bar to the side for my etsy store?  Isn't that clever?  Now you can see a few things I have for sale and have a direct link to my store!  I've been busy uploading stuff since Saturday... a little bit every day.  Go see!


Connie said...

HAH HAH! your post made me laugh and brought back a lot of sweet memories. My youngest, Skylar, was just the same way! Grass stains, knees ripped out..and shoes! I don't think he EVER outgrew a pair...they always just "broke", as he'd say. ...and yes, he always looked like a homeless kid too! he was also the child who broke his wrist, then his arm (twice), flew over the handle bars of his bike and had awful skidmarks allover his face and body....terrifying!
Good Luck!

Wabbit said...

Yikes, Angie! No wonder you're falling asleep at 4. Only 12 hours of solid activity, running from one place to the next! Take it easy, girl. I got tired just reading about it!