Sunday, February 17, 2008

Meeting new people

OK, I confess... I hate parties and small talk of meeting new people.  I even dread going to parties even when I know every person there!  I LOVE a very small, intimate group of maximum 6 people.  It's just me.  But, last night, even though I'd sat crying about how I didn't want to go to a party knowing... ok, my own perception so thinking (husband disagrees with me) that I often am invited to events because of who I'm married to.  Chuck is very extroverted and thrives... I mean THRIVES, in groups.  He just loves being out and about with people while this completely tires me out.  I'm very introverted.  Anyway, my insecurity often gets the best of me as it did yesterday and I'm reduced to tears thinking I'm going to a party that I'm only invited to because I'm 'the wife'.  I know these people love me and I them, but I still go down this road.  Anyway, I went.  And guess what?  I actually had a great time!  Genuinely a great time!  And it even included meeting new people but wow, the 'small talk' seemed to easy to get through with this couple!  Hmmmm, maybe God was trying to teach me something...
Anyway, we met this sweet family Toban and Joanna with their two gorgeous daughters who live in Colorado.  Come to find out, Joanna is getting to meet one of my sweetest, best friends in the world next week!  Stephanie moved out to the Denver area a few months ago and she 'just happens' to live around the corner from Joanna, happens to have 3 girls to Joanna's 2 all in close age range with each other, and happens to be attending the same church!  Hello!  Circumstances?!  I think NOT!  God has a plan.  I sit back and watch asking ,"What are you doing?"  Anyway, it was a really fun evening, much to my surprise and delight.

Joanna has a blog so now I can keep up with her so that's fun.  Oh, and ya'll have to go see the cutest zipper bags she makes out of funky retro type fabric.  They are so adorable!  Here's her blog addy:  
Mozy on over and visit her!

Well, I guess I'd better go eat breakfast and start getting my family ready for church.  And maybe I'll get some art in this week and have something to show!  Believe me, I'm feeling the withdrawals.


Karen Owen said...

It was meant to be! I'm so glad you went.

linda t said...

I am so glad you were there Angie!
I always love talking to you and sharing our passions for writing and art and God!
I am blessed to have you in my life Angie!

ceevee said...

I just ordered something from you from Etsy and read your blog. I had to laugh about how you felt about going to parties. Exactly! Did you ever take the Myers-Briggs personality inventory? I did at work: our boss made us. ANd found out that I am an "I" who needs smaller groups and often to back off to recharge my energies, whereas my ex was an 'E" who needed people to recharge his batteries. There's some brief tests online, and they're spot on for me. Anyway, I enjoyed your blog.

Reina said...

Keep up the good work.