Friday, February 15, 2008

A quick catch up

Well, I went to the Dr. yesterday with my allergies and was put on a couple of new medications along with steroids for 5 days.  I also have an appt. for a CT scan and an appt. with an ENT so the ball is rolling.  I feel like a completely different person today than Wednesday!  I feel almost normal!

This week both boys had Parent/Teacher conferences.  Sam is always bragged about endlessly... he's the very structured and super smart one so it's rare to hear anything remotely negative with him.  Max has difficulty focusing and is falling behind a bit in learning to read.  I've been lazy working with him because he's so tough to get to cooperate to even sit for a book reading!  He's constantly moving.  However, the past couple of nights we have been working together while Sam reads with Chuck and I think this will be a huge help.

I just returned from reading books to Max's class.  Kindergartener's love this!  It is fun.  I've already made a postal run mailing off my OWOH give-away item to Germany as well as my registration for Art Unraveled.  I'm very excited that this year, some of my art buddies from out of state will be flying in for the event!  It will be a busy, exciting, and fun week... and then I'll drop from exhaustion!

Chuck just found out yesterday that a friend of his, who is a private pilot for Shamrock foods, is taking Chuck on a 4 day trip to ALASKA for Chuck's 50th birthday in July!  Can you imagine!  What a treat!  A photographer's heaven!

Well, gotta' run and take my furgirl to the vet for a check up.  My sweet Phoebe is old and I know I won't have her much longer.  I can't bear the thought of losing both of my feline girls in one year.  I don't know how I'll function with no cats in my house.  As a young girl, I always had a dream of running a cat shelter!  I'd have them all over the place if I could!  Just looking at a cat calms my whole body.  They have the weirdest affect on me.

OK, gotta' run for now!  Gonna' be looking through my studio for my next give-away soon!


Judy Wise said...

Hi Angie. As the owner of another elderly cat (who has taken to hiding in the closet now) I salute you and look forward to meeting you in Arizona. I grew up in Mesa, love Arizona and can't wait to get back to Art Unraveled. Art makes life so much sweeter!! xoxo

Joanne Huffman said...

Angie, good luck with the allergy regime. You aren't allergic to cats are you?


Cre8Tiva said...

i am so glad you found me...i love your art and am excited to learn about your creativity circle...i do hope your allergy treatments help...i thought arizona was a cure!?!?! hugs,rebecca