Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Rainy and sick days

Yesterday, it poured cats and dogs and it's always a special reward to get a beautiful rainbow.  They just make me so excited!  This one went all the way across the sky but was darkest closest to the ground.  I took  photos to rub it in to my mom who only lives 8 miles west of me and when I called her to tell her to go look, she couldn't see it! She finally was able to catch a glimpse of one end but she couldn't see the whole thing stretch across the sky.  So mom, here is part of what I got see!  ;)
Max ran fever from Saturday through the entire day yesterday so he stayed home from school again today.  He was pretty much back to normal all day with no fever but this evening, at bedtime, said his ears hurt!  Arghhhh!  He only has half days on Wednesday's at school so unless he is in terrible pain, I'm giving him Motrin and sending him on but will call the Dr. for an appt. right after school to have his ears checked.  Anyway, this kid is pretty creative and he came up with the idea of making a car from an altoid tin.  Of course, in my studio, he pretty much knows I have every supply needed and since I'm an artist, of course we can make a car.  Well, this is the art I did today.  Max is so proud of his car complete with headlights and an upholstered seat!  LOL!  His mini-Beanie babies are the perfect size drivers.  This counts for altered art, doesn't it?  OK, so at least I can claim versatility!  LOL!


artsyfran said...

Angie, This is so cute! I love what Max did. I hope he's well enough to be at school today so you get a break.
Miss you! Fran

dejavucreations said...

Certainly Max's Altoid tin car qualifies for altered art! Why not do a "companion" piece and send them in for publication consideration? I think an article on Mom and child art would be of interest.


shirleymcc said...

how sweet is this!!!!

Joanne Huffman said...

What cute pictures! I definitely think it counts as altered art. And lucky Max to have such great art encouragement.


Karen Owen said...

So cute! Max is such a little sweetie! Hope he gets well soon. Oh, and thanks for sharing the beatiful rainbow.