Monday, May 5, 2008

A beautiful day

Today I had a women's Bible study leadership meeting on the other side of town at my sweet friend, Billie's house. When you are with Billie, you feel loved down to your bones. There are few people I'd rather be with in the world. Walking into her home is like walking into utter peace, if peace were a physical place. Billie has a beautiful backyard and I got a corner spot in her garden that I am so in love with. A huge grapefruit tree canopied over me with a peep hole of sky in the corner near the wall. Flowers are in bloom everywhere. The temperature was perfect and a slight breeze was blowing.

Billie prepared a beautiful healthy breakfast for us of various berries, yogurt, and granola. Then we each got to find a spot to just sit with God for an hour. While I had not wanted to go today since I've been in a terrible, weird foggy funk for a while, I went knowing from experience, that those are the EXACT times I need to go anyway. I knew God wanted me there. I had a wonderful time of seeing myself in truth, confession, repentance, and healing. God is always so loving and gentle. So unlike me in my humanness. He's so patient. We came back together and shared for a while before sitting down to the most delicious lunch! A grilled chicken salad with mixed berries and a vinaigrette, variety of bread choices, and cookies! It was fantastic. I had to leave early to pick up kids but oh, what a wonderful morning. I felt the heavy fog starting to part within my head and heart. Again, I'm seeing light....

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Margaret Ann said...

Hey Angie...great saguaro photo...and thanks for the blossom info you left on my blog....50 years before blooming..awesome! :)God is surely a master! :)