Thursday, May 22, 2008

Show me Wednesday

OK, so it's no longer Wednesday BUT, I just found this sight where a weekly topic is posted for your participation. This week's theme is "Your every day dishes". Here are mine, plain, restaurant style. We like them because they show off the food since they are plain. I do have china from when we got married over 22 years ago... still in the box in the storage shed! Anyway, these are my daily dishes. Now, while my dishes are very plain jane, I do have some fun glasses! ;) If you want to see other posts for this, go here: and see what is happening for Show Me Wednesday's. Linda T., if you are reading this, next week is right up your alley so mozey on over and check it out.


papel1 said...

Very nice dishes and I love the patterns on the glasses.

Nellie said...

Love your dishes and the glasses are awesome... Thanks for sharing!


Cathy said...

Angie I love simple white dishes. I even collect simple white pitchers, because they are so pretty. I love the cabinetry you have with the built in plate rack--very cool! Hey you should sell your china and buy new. You never know, someone out there may be looking for the pattern you have. Thank you for joining us in Show Me Wednesday!

Cathy :)

Anonymous said...

love your glasses! i have some plain dishes from IKEA which i love. solid colors, but colorful. would probably make good pictures! lol


Joanne Huffman said...

fun photos of your dishes.