Monday, May 5, 2008

Great news and stuff...

My collage up for auction with Collage Mania sold today on the opening day! I understand that mine was one of the most requested collages for purchase and I couldn't be more pleased, humbled, and honored. I already have it ready to ship to it's new owner!

I haven't posted my Every day in May sketches in a couple of days so here are days 4 and 5... and gosh, it's so hard for me to do quick sketches and let them be what they are! This is a good exercise for me and a discipline to do something simple and consistent for practice. Yesterday, for day 4, it was late in the day and I was really tired when I realized I'd not done my daily sketch, so I just grabbed something... a bit of rusty barb wire that I'm hoarding. Today's sketch was done sitting in my friend, Billie's back yard. For day 3, which I've yet to post, I can't seem to leave it as I keep adding details to it. I'll post it soon.


Connie said...

your drawings are fantastic Angie - really realistic. Congratulations on your collage selling so quickly.....I looked at them all and your was - obviously - outstanding!

Joanne Huffman said...

of course your collage was the most popular!