Monday, May 26, 2008


In my Christian Paper Arts group, I signed up for an alphabet inchie swap.  I have the letter "t".  We were to depict something from the Bible that starts with our assigned letter... rather, chosen letter.  I did "t" for thorns.  I used one of my close-up cactus photos, did sewing around the edges, stamped my letter on mica, and adhered it.  I am done!  I had wanted to dangle my letter from my inchie but found out that was sorta' "against the rules" for this particular swap so they needed to stay fairly flat and no danglies.  

Yesterday after church, we went out to our friends hotel to spend the day with them.  They are staying in a gorgeous hotel/casino way out on the Gila Indian Reservation.  The boys got to swim and play on the water slide at the hotel.  We then went to a wonderful dinner.    We had such a  great time hanging out with these guys this week.  Since Karen's son, Mike, is moving out here, we know we'll get to see each other more often.  We're counting on Mark and Karen to retire out here!    Here are a couple pictures of the boys:


Maija said...

Wild Horse Pass- we always stay there for a few weekends in the summer- it's so close and feels so far away!

Linda said...

I think your inchies are great! And... I've never ever seen an inchie with something dangling from it anyway. You did good.