Friday, May 30, 2008

A journal page and 'stuff'

Here is a journal page I created at Bible Study on Tuesday.

Today, I have to take Chuck for another injection in his neck for pain due to degenerating discs in his neck. I have to pick up a babysitter this morning and also gather some things to keep me busy for a couple of hours worth of sitting.

The boys and I are really wanting to see "Prince Caspian" so maybe Chuck will feel like going with us later today. I really want to do the matinee due to the ridiculously high prices for movie tickets these days. It's insane!

Yesterday, I picked up a couple of pieces of poster board to make large calendars for June/July. The boys and I have already listed things we want to do for the summer and now, we are putting things on a calendar. I got the "list" idea from Joanna over at However, her poster is a cuter version. For me, I need a calendar! I have hopes that summer won't feel as crazy with things scheduled instead of making it up as I go and we'll be able to see what's coming up so I can plan as well as see what we did at the end of summer. I also want to start the boys on a "gratitude calendar". I've printed out a calendar for each of them and would like to end each day with them being able to tell me one thing they are thankful for that day to write on their calendar. I'm also planning to somewhat structure parts of our days at home as well. I have lots of good intention... let's see how it goes.


Joanne Huffman said...

Good luck with organizing the summer for the boys. I bet your calendar will look really cool.


Chris said...

Angie --

Just wanted to post & let you know you won a house from my blog! Congratulations!