Saturday, July 28, 2007

Back to buildings and other good news!

Well, I've let a couple of weeks slip by not working on the last few buildings I have to do for the Skyline/Skyscraper swap. I managed to do one today. Up until now, I have liked my buildings but I wasn't feeling the tug about letting any of them go, although I love the Jewish synogogue, but, today's little church is going to be hard to part with and I may ahve to try to make a duplicate as much as I hate doing that kind of thing. This little church is called "The Chapel of Undying Love". I started with a page from a tiny prayer book. The scripture is from John where Jesus talks about going to Heaven to prepare a place for us "for in my Father's house are many mansions..." I thought, "wow, how appropriate!". Once it was glued down, I added some glaze on top of it. Then, I sewed on a transparency of a photo I took of Max's hands in a praying position. They are the perfect shape! :) I did a tiny cut out in the opening of his fingers in the top and pieces in a tiny picture of Jesus on the cross. The vintage photo of the young girl is Chuck's grandmother at her first communion. I added a metal roof cut with decorative scissors and then a silver pen to detail a little around the photos, etc.. I added the words "undying love" that I found in a book, which happened by chance to be in a poem about God's love! I LOVE this little piece... and I love the imperfect roofline which was not planned by me to be that way, it just turned out that way. To me,it represents our imperfection and God's abundant grace. Anyway, I LOVE this one and I just don't know that I can part with it!

And for the good news, I sold my S&H Green stamp journal this morning! I made two sales in my Etsy shop by 9:30 this morning! I'm one happy camper!

Well, I need to go shower and get ready and also get the boys bathed. Some dear friends of ours are moving to Denver and they are having a farewell open house tonight. I will really miss Stephanie. She will always hold a very sweet, dear spot in my heart.


shirleymcc said...

Oh my goodness, Angie, I don't think I could let this one go either. You should keep it.
Congrats on all of your sales!!!

Joanne Huffman said...

lovely chapel! And it's cool to read the explanation.

Dani D said...

this i so wonderful