Thursday, July 12, 2007

trouble posting

I just tried posting but the picture wouldn't show up. I'll see if it works this time. Here are another set of buildings finished today. I have another one in the works but think I have to wait and get kids to bed before I can work on it!
My first house in this photo (left) is using one of my favorite photos of a cactus skeleton. Then I added an actual piece of the skeleton on and embellished with turquoise beads. In the center is one I really love cuz it's more whimsical. I used a time card for the background and added vintage watch pieces and gears on it. I like the crooked roof. The house on the right is a photo I took of a dove sitting on her nest in a cactus. I just added a word and a feather roof. I'm almost finished with the houses I need to make for this swap!

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