Monday, July 9, 2007

Headache is gone! PTL! And another house

Whew, my headache has lifted and I feel pretty rested. My eyes feel a little swollen still but NO PAIN! I want to run around and do a silly dance, I'm so happy and relieved! Thank you God!!

I finished another little house last night before I went to bed. This one is appropriately titled "Volume 1". The house face is the spine from an old book. Any type of encyclopedia means possible adventure to somewhere... and the image of these poor boys look like they need adventure. Can you even imagine the humiliation of having to put these outfits on? They must've given their mom fits! They'd much rather be in worn out scruffy clothes fishing or playing marbles... or maybe stick ball! Anyway, it makes me chuckle.

I have both my boys up already and we have to take Phoebe to the vet this morning so I guess we should get out of our pajamas. What do ya' think?

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