Thursday, July 12, 2007

more art and fun

Tuesday, Fran and I met our new art bud, Lynn, at The Creative Quest and then had lunch together. On the way to pick up my boys from my mom's house, we went in a bead store and emptied our wallets! :) My husband's aunt has asked me to make 6 "awards" for her 65th high school reunion! She wanted them made from felt like little pillows on cording. Initially, she mentioned sequins on them but I can't seem to get Vegas out of my mind when I think of them so I went with beads. I beaded one of the stars yesterday and timed myself doing it to see how long it would take. This 3-1/2 inch star took me 3-1/2 hours. I have a sore, stiff thumb today! While I love it, I don't know if it's too "fancy" for what Aunt Agnes is wanting. I sent a photo and costs so we'll see. She may have been thinking of something more "gag gift" type award, not really nice. Anyway, that's on hold. I did the star while hanging out at Fran's yesterday.

And this morning, I did a few more little buildings. Here is a metal set and also one using a photo of a cactus skeleton. I also glued a piece of the cactus skeleton on as well as beaded it with some turquoise.


Joanne Huffman said...

Angie, I love the beaded star and the buildings are, of course, wonderful. I don't know how you're going to be able to send your buildings off.

dejavucreations said...

I agree with Joanne ... it would be soooo hard to let go of these beauties. What a great use for that embossed metal tape and I love the textural feel of the cactus one.


Wabbit said...

Girlfriend, you are just SOOOOO talented! The beaded star is incredible. And you are so kind to be willing to put that sort of work into that project for your hubby's aunt's reunion!

I think I'd want to wear the beaded star. I know you deserve to wear one!