Friday, July 27, 2007

A few new things

Well, I went back to Joann fabrics today and with my 50% off coupon, thanks to Fran, I purchased the coolest Rolling Sewing Machine Case to use especially for my classes at Art Unraveled but for any class I take! It will be so great having my machine and everything else I need all in one case that rolls! I got it for a smokin' $35.00!!! Isn't it great!?! And it's packed with little pockets everywhere! I also got mine and Fran's latest shipment of vintage kimono fabric in the mail today.
I tell you, I am in love!!! And look at this amazing fabric Fran and I purchased on!!!
Most are from the "Bohemian Rhapsody" line and they are just luscious! I have thoughts of throwing all my fabric in the floor just to roll around in it. I think I may have to join a 12-step program soon. This buddy fabric shopping with Fran is addicting! LOL!

Speaking of Fran, you must head over to her etsy store and see the gorgeous cell phone purses she has up for sale. I have been watching these little things be created from the base fabric up! They are wonderful in real life! !

Oh, and the most wonderful, exciting news for me is that my Crane painting has officially sold! Wooo HOoooo!!!!! Now to get the Hummingbird piece sold.

I spent the morning at church working with two sweet friends cleaning out and reorganizing some things in our prayer room. It looked fantastic when we left and now actually is a functional and welcoming prayer room versus something that resembles a storage room where you can pray! LOL! Oh, that's bad... WAS bad... Now, it's great!

This evening, I watched "Goonies" with my boys. We enjoyed the movie but some of the content was not appropriate for them and there was a lot of foul language so we had to have discussions about all those words NOT to say!

Well, I'm pretty pooped out and need to go to bed. Maybe I can do some art tomorrow....Hey, maybe I can use up some fabric! LOL

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artsyfran said...

Hmm. That bag looks awfully familiar! :) I think we need to do some crazy quilting or something to be able to tel ours apart for Katie's class! OOOH! And now this means you can bring your machine over so we can play with that and our new press when we buy it! hee!