Tuesday, July 17, 2007


OK, I wanna' toot a horn for this company. A couple of weeks ago, someone in one of my fiber arts yahoo groups mentioned that a certain fabric designer's (Lonni Rossi) fabrics were on sale 50% off at
Well, not having anything better to do at the moment ;), I thought I'd see what they were. Well, I find out that this line of fabric from this designer happens to have one of my most favorite pieces of fabric I think I've ever purchased in a store. It's called "brown onion". Now, fabric.com didn't have the brown but did have it in a deep mustard yellow and there were several others that were gorgeous! So, I proceeded to order 1/2 yd. increments of pretty much each piece in the line. Then, I found a couple of batiks half off too so I placed my order. These 1/2 yard pieces of fabric ended up costing only about $2.50 each! OK, so my order comes in and there is no yellow onion but a piece of yellow "mushroom" which I didn't order. I noticed that it was mismarked and the tag said onion but it was clearly not the onion although it was a pretty piece of fabric. So, I call the company to see if they were out of the yellow onion since that was the one piece that prompted my order in the first place. They were closed and when they called back, I wasn't home. So, it took a couple of days and then I got a very nice lady on the phone who said they would ship out a piece of the yellow onion pronto and to keep the yellow mushroom. She kept apologizing for the error. Well, later that day she called me back saying that the piece of fabric in her hands was indeed the yellow onion but is not really the same color as the yellow mushroom and she didn't want me to think they had sent me the wrong fabric again. They didn't have a picture of it on their site so I went and looked at the red onion, which I wasn't crazy about. They didn't have brown onion, which I would have died over. So this sweet woman kept me on the phone while she sent me a scan of the fabric in an e-mail just to make sure it was a color of fabric I'd be happy with! I love the color even more than the yellow mushroom so I was thrilled. I got notification that it was shipped that day so I should have it in my hands probably today! I just have to say that I have never had a more pleasant experience dealing with a company and such top knotch customer service. They went way beyond the call, all for a piece of fabric that was on sale for a couple of bucks! I highly recommend shopping with this online company. They have a very nice selection and you can sign up for e-mail notification of sales too.


shirleymcc said...

I LOVE Lonni Rossi fabric!!! Remember about a hundred years ago, I posted about it on the Diva list?
I hope you are doing well - love the badge, too!
have fun at the retreat and say hello to Fran for me.

christine said...

I agree -- they are great! And once in a while they send out a very entertaining newsletter, too!!