Tuesday, July 10, 2007

More skyline structures

I had a great, pain-free day yesterday and I'm so thankful! I got caught up on housework and laundry (well, almost laundry) and got some more little house structures done. They go much faster when I'm not trying to make them actually "look" like houses with doors and windows. Anyway, the Tea House is made using a tea pouch from my favorite tea and then an overlay is done using the actual used tea bags. Isn't the color fantastic?! I did a quick sketch of my favorite tea cup and then created heat swirls. The other three houses are on Desert Bloom Lane. We have to either name our houses or give them addresses and since these three sorta' go together, I gave them addresses. I love the photo of the single wildflower with it's shadow on the rocks. Such determination growing in rocks! These are all photos I took this spring. I stitched french knots in the centers of the blooms. I just love doing french knots! I had one other house done however, a slight problem arose and it is now requiring some creative thinking to see if I can salvage it.

Anyway, today, Fran and I are going to The Creative Quest in downtown Glendale to meet up with another valley artist, Lynn. We are then having lunch together. We've been trying to get together for like, a year! My mom doesn't live far from The Creative Quest so I'm taking my boys over there. They are excited.

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joanne huffman said...

Love all your houses.