Friday, January 2, 2009


Well, I've had over 100 hits to my blog today and only 9 or 10 comments so, I made a decision about the painting. While everyone gave positive response, I felt the piece was still a bit dark so I lightened some areas as highlights creating more contrast so I'm happier with it and ready to start cutting tomorrow, provided that I can find my exacto knife.

I took Kenzy to the vet and had a microchip implanted. I'm glad my vet isn't far because poor baby hates being in a carrier in the car! And, I'm soooo sad. I just found out that my vet is moving to Wyoming! Booo hoooo! I've had the same vet for all my cats for the past 15+ years. She's amazing! I love her clinic because it's only for cats. Anyway, she spoke very highly of the new vet that is taking over the clinic so I will have to trust her on it. I am going to miss Dr. Branch so much though.

I rented Mamma Mia so I think I'm going to make a cup of tea and watch it... just me, myself, and I, now that the boys are in bed.


Joanne Huffman said...

The thing about comments on what to do with your paintings is that you have a vision of where you want to go and others just see what you've produced;and, you always produce beautiful work. And, I think you should be very pleased to get so many hits, even if people didn't leave comments, at least they looked.

I'm sure you and Kenzy will do well with the new vet; we got a new vet last summer and the dogs loved her.


Irene said...

I just checked in after an absence, so I didn't get in on the first part of the discussion, but...

I went back to look at your owl. If you are satisfied with the appearance of the owl, then I think you would be just about done with the tree -- because the degree of detail and finish on the bark is very close to that of the owl's ~ they match very well.

I've put up artwork for opinions before, and gotten an entire spectrum of suggestions, one end totally contradicting the other end, depending on the preferences of the individuals.

Joanne is right -- only you can see your vision and know where you want your picture to go.

I'll be interested to see it with the owl peeking out. It looks really excellent at this point.

Linda said...

I think it's true about sticking to your own vision, and it really looks wonderful so far, so you SHOULD trust yourself! The nice thing is that, once you add the owl, if you feel like you need to lighten or darken some of the values you can. It's very hard to tell when there's a white space ...
:-) I'm looking forward to seeing this finish up.

Please tell us, though -- how does it work with the molding paste on watercolor paper? What weight paper do you use and do you mount it to a support? How is the absorbancy for watercolor? I'm very intrigued by the mix here!