Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Dr.'s visit

Well, I had my appt. with the podiatrist today and basically, he said surgery for the bunion needs to be a last resort and I couldn't agree more. He said that with things going on in my life right now, the timing sounds really bad since the recovery is 6-8 weeks, although not all of it is being off your feet but he did say the first 2 are not fun. So, ruling that out for now, I'm looking at having special made orthotics done however, my STUPID insurance company won't cover them, of course! How could I ask such a thing?! And these little babies cost almost $400.!!! which I do not have right now. Getting glasses has to come first. I think the fact that I really, really need to give in and get my glasses is a major reason for so many of my headaches... one of which I have now. This one is directly behind my eyes so, ya' think I'm probably right? I just took something for it but think I need to lay down on the couch. I hate wasting my day like that! Bleh! Anyway, I'll ice my foot tonight because I want to go hike the mountain in the morning. I should take my journal and write when I get to the top... maybe...

On another note, I have prepped a couple of canvases for paintings that are still in my head but they will come out. I also started a sketch on watercolor paper for a painting as well. One canvas will be a somewhat abstract lion face. One will be the face of a beautiful black woman inspired by a magazine image. Ya'll know I don't paint white people, don't ya'? Not sure why that is but any faces I want to paint are all women of color. I just think black women are so beautiful and often very exotic looking. They have such interesting features and I love some of the cool things they can do with their hair. Maybe because I'm so white and always wanted that beautiful dark skin is why I'm drawn to paint them. And let's not even start on how gorgeous so many black men are! Anyway, I'll be working on a gorgeous black woman and hope I can do her justice in painting her. My watercolor will be a Siberian Tiger. I had extreme difficulty sketching due to my little furry helper that would sit directly in the center of the paper blocking my view or chasing the pencil as I drew. Kenzy is quite a character and I can alreade see how I will need to be extremely attentive to him being a studio mascot as he is in to EVERYTHING and he likes to chew paint brushes! EEK! Those will need to be put way, way out of his reach! He makes any kind of computer work challenging too. He types and chases the cursor. Here he is being so attentive on my boys computer while they were at school one day this week:Ya'll look past the inch of dust, will ya'? Remember we are doing construction in the house so no matter how much I clean, it looks just like this again in two days, seriously! It's awful and I can't wait for it to be finished around here. I've had ENOUGH!!!

Does anyone else have kids that bring their papers home from school in this kind of condition?

All of Max's papers are crumpled and stuffed into his back pack along with his jacket and sometimes lunch box every day. It's like a paper wad. He could care less. I'm always trying to flatten out his homework paper so he can do it!

I took this picture of Max on Saturday morning while he was watching t.v. I love this picture of him. It makes me want to curl up on the couch with him and just snuggle as I realize how few years I really have left to do that.
Well, I'm going to lay down on the couch now and get a heat pack on my head.

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