Thursday, January 22, 2009


Well, I had my dermatologist appt. today. I'm thankful that he did not want to do any biopsies however, he burned so many pre-cancer places off my arms and the back of my hands that the blisters cause me to look like I have leprosy. And they hurt! GROSS! He finally looked at me and said that there are so many places that are an issue that we will wait until my arms heal and then, on Feb. 1, I have to start using a chemo cream on my arms and legs for 2 weeks. Thankfully, it's still long sleeve weather because he warned me that it may not be pretty. It will only look bad if the skin is damaged.. which mine is. So, I'm not looking forward to that. He also injected cortisone in a couple of scars that needed some attention. I'll have to get that done several more times with hopes of the scars going flatter to my skin. Ugh... being so fair really has it's disadvantages.

Anyway, I have been up since 4:30 designing a new handbound book in my head. I wrote 5 pages of notes and diagrams when I got up so now it's all out on paper... but my eyelids feel like lead. I have to go to bed.

I'll be reading to the kids classes tomorrow, as always on Fridays. Then, I have a phone date with one of my best girlfriends who moved to CO last year. Can't wait to catch up Steph!

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Maija said...

Oh Lord! It hurts to get those things burned off! The cold is so cold it burns!!