Sunday, January 4, 2009

Dreary day

Well, it's raining here and anyone that knows me knows how I feel about these kinds of days. I live in Phoenix for a reason. Thankfully, there are few rain days. For those of you who are doing a happy dance here in the valley today, when you finish your jig, come over and rub my head. Yes, I have a horrible headache. I woke up with it. I had my boys use a little hand held massage machine on me, I've taken a hot shower, I've been drinking a lot of water but it's still here. I just finally ate breakfast (yes, at 11:00) and took Excedrin. My eyes are swollen and I feel terrible yet hate laying around getting nothing done. I'm trying to keep functioning. However, I did not walk this morning (boohoo) and did not get to church either. I hope the headache lifts quickly so my day can improve.

On a happy note, last night, I was poking around on Craigslist and lucked out finding this AMAZING cabinet of 5 drawers to store artwork. I've coveted them in catalogs for years and when I saw one posted on Craigslist for $20., I called immediately and got it! I'm beyond excited!!! At the moment, it's standing up on end so I can't really photograph it but, it measures 35x46 inches and each drawer is 2-1/2 inches deep. Don't ask me how it will fit into my new, much smaller studio but, I really need these! Now I have a place to store completed arwork, parent sheets of paper can now be flat which includes my watercolor paper, and I can even store my stash of smaller canvases in a drawer! I keep walking in my soon to be studio and just staring trying to figure out how in the world I will arrange this room to maximize the space and get the best use of it. It will be my challenge for the next several months, I can assure you.

Ok, my eyes need a rest from staring at this screen. Hope everyone is having a great weekend. Do you need some rain? Maybe I can send it over to you! I'll trade...send me some sunshine!


janene said...

So sorry to hear about your horrible headache, I suffered from them for years. Mine only lasted 24 hours and came every 28 days like clockwork. Hope yours is better soon. I am finishing up an altered book on headaches, and I'm surprised how it takes me back to those terrible brutal attacks. I love your owl painting. Have you painted a headache yet? Hmmmm.... maybe it would help. Janene

Val Foster said...

Hi Angie. I too, am sorry you have a bad headache. Hope you feel better soon. Moist heat on your neck might help. Just use a small towel, wet it down, and zap it in the microwave. Easy, peasy....but it might help. Quite often headaches are related to fixation or stress in the neck. I know that bc I'm a chiropractor. Visiting a chiropractor might help too.

Congrats on your excellent find on Craigs list. Maybe I should take a look at the list today, just to see what's out there. I got a great deal on a wonderful Brother copy machine over a year ago. So far, that's the only thing I've bought off Craigs List, but it was well worth it.