Friday, January 16, 2009

Ending the day

I'm going to bed early tonight after being up late last night and also up for an hour in the middle of the night with Max. It's only 8:30 but it feels like 10:30 to me!

I went and read in both boys classes today and then got to go hike the mountain again. There are several trails to hike and parking at the different trails. The one I usually have done, which is paved the entire way up, only has a very, very small parking place.. like maybe 6 spaces, all of which were filled this morning. So, I had to do a different trail today. Part of it was uphill trail but then you end up on the paved road part of the way. It was a bit further to hike but I enjoyed it. If you look closely in this picture, you can see the hiking trail. My starting point is at the base of the mountain on the right. You can see a light tan trail line. The highest point of the mountain on the left with the radio antennas is the ending point before turning around and heading back down.
I snapped this photo as I was driving and almost to the mountain. I snapped a few photos of the rock. I love the varying colors and formations.

It wasn't quite as hazy out today as it was last Friday. This is the bench at the top where all the little chipmunks swarm stealing crumbs from granola bars!
And lastly, a treasure from the mountain!
Max had a friend over after school and it was a good day since Max has been on restriction from several privileges this past week, including pretty much anything he owns with wheels. He's been tortured this past week. Today he got back the bike, skateboard, scooter, and go cart. The bike and skateboard were the top choices for the day. He stayed out the entire afternoon. Sam drifted back and forth. Club Penguin is his most favorite thing of all but he did play outside a bit today too.

I'm not sure what my day will entail tomorrow. Maybe I can get back to those paintings I started a couple of days ago! ;) OK, that's it for today. I'm ready to fall asleep. What's everyone else got planned for the weekend? Leave me comments and tell me, ok?

Oh! I almost forgot! Don't forget that all of the One World One Heart give aways start on Monday! I have to make a decision about what I'll be giving away and I only have 2 day to decide! Eek!

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Joanne Huffman said...

Sounds like a full day. And, you really have more than until Monday to post on One Wold One Heart; it's just that Monday is the first day you can post.