Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Today I ALONE in my house all morning! It's just so amazing! I love the silence. And I don't wear my hearing aids when I'm home alone either, that way I don't even hear the refrigerator running or anything. It's so peaceful! I decided to paint after I exercised this morning. I'm working on one that I started in the Nancy Reyner workshop last month and am working on a new piece simultaneously. I THOUGHT Kenzy was sleeping on Sam's bed where he usually naps during the day so I hadn't closed the door when I started painting. BIG mistake. In a split second, he was up on the table and I caught him just as his from paws were going into my painting. But, I didn't exactly keep him from getting a little painted. I had red paint on my hand when I grabbed him so no, he isn't wounded! This was after he got to the initial clump of paint before I could get him cleaned up. The little stinker! This was our first painting experience together and I'm a fast learner. The door will remain closed during painting sessions from now on! And here I had hopes of 'sharing' my studio with him.... NOT!

My boys have early release today. ;( I have to pick Max up in a half hour and Sam in a little over an hour. It looks like rain is moving in, which is a bummer to me. Ya'll know how I feel about rain. BLEH! I hope the boy don't have much homework today so I can throw them outside before rain sets in.

Chuck left last night to drive to San Francisco to deliver Zippy to a new owner. For those of you who aren't familiar with Zippy, this is Chuck with Zippy:

And no, Chuck didn't name it, I did. That was the first word I could use to describe this car when I rode in it the first time. Anyway, sad as we are, Zippy had to find a new home. At least we will save money on speeding tickets! ;) (I was always very careful driving Zippy and never got caught speeding although this little thing gets to 50 in 3 seconds so it's soooo easy to speed in it! eek!) So, Chuck is gone and may be going down to L.A. to sit in on a writers meeting for the show Gary Unmarried. Not sure when he'll be back home.

Gotta' go eat something and see if my painting is dry enough to work on again. I only have 25 minutes of peace left for today.


Joanne Huffman said...

cute little car.


Wabbit said...

I'm glad that Zippy has finally sold although we'd have loved to see you all at a local MINI event. I don't know what we'd do without our CoopahS or Jeepy. We love our cars. And when the economy picks up again, Chuck can always get another MINI! HUGS, Marilyn