Monday, January 5, 2009


After much work, much medication, much heat, and a painful massage from my husband, my headache is finally gone. I feel a little hung over. But now I have a lot to get done today since yesterday was basically wasted. I have catch up to do. I'm walking to my girlfriend's house a couple of miles away for a meeting after I drop the kids off at school! YES! School is back in session! Wooopppiiiieeeeeee! I also have counseling appts. later today, one just for me and one (a two hour appt. ) for both Chuck and I. The later part of the day will just be emotionally exhausting and I hope not bring on another headache. Praying..... Ugh, the bad part of school is homework. THAT, I don't look forward to today. I better pull myself together. Have to go make lunches. I'd love a little time to start sorting through a couple of boxes in my studio too.


christygrant said...

Saying a prayer that all goes well today. Counseling can be great in the long run but hard in the short-run getting through all that "stuff." Glad the headache is better.

Joanne Huffman said...

Glad to hear you're feeling better. You have a very full plate. Take care of yourself, you are cherished by many people.


Judy said...

I totally understand the migraine thing - glad you are better.