Friday, January 9, 2009

A great day

I decided to have a day for ME! I got the boys to school and then stopped by my friend, Jill's house to pick up this huge trash bag full of... fabric! Uh-huh! Yep... like, I need more. I can't help myself. But this isn't just any fabric. It's high end upholstery, home decor fabric samples. And OMG, I got chill bumps when I opened that bag! But, I didn't open it right away... I just tossed it in my van along with this basket of LEATHER! Eeks! Amazing, gorgeous pieces of leather that will become books... and some other stuff! Anyway, more about that in a minute. I went and read in the boys classes as I usually do on Friday mornings. Then, I headed straight to meet Fran for a catch up date at "our Starbucks".. it's a half way point between our houses. Anyway, we talked our heads off for almost 2 hours and it still wasn't enough time. We never run out of things to talk about yet we often have quiet time together when we are painting. Anyway, it wasn't until we got ready to leave Starbucks that I broke open the bag of fabric in the back of my van so Fran could take some. We were gasping for breath, I tell ya'. People, is there a name for this illness... this fabric addiction? Anyone watching us must have been quite amused. But those of you who share the illness... well, I know how jealous you are! ;) This is just a sampling of what we got:

Kenzy is checking out the fabric.. but it's really the plastic that he's attracted to. Have to watch the little stinker!
Check out that embossed leather! Isnt' it to die for? Wouldn't you swoon over a handmade journal with this as a cover?! My heart races at the thought!

Anyway, after Starbucks and our drooling session in the back of my van, I decided to hike North Mountain since it was right down the street from Starbucks on my way home. I haven't hiked this in probably 15 years. Even though I have been walking faithfully almost 3 months now, my poor heart and lungs felt like they'd explode. Walking uphill, sometimes at a good 45 degree angle or more is way different than walking down the street! However, the rest of my body did totally fine with the climb. Thankfully, North Mountain has a paved road of switch-backs to the top where a radio tower is so it's easier on the knees coming down. Otherwise, I wouldn't attempt it. It's about a mile and half climb to the top. It felt good and I'll be adding that into my exercise routine. I might see if Max wants to go with me in the morning. He likes outdoor things like that. Sam hates them! Anyway, I snapped a couple of pictures from the top. Unfortunately, they also show how icky our air quality is right now. It's often like this, especially in winter. Oh well...
Just on the other side of the smaller mountain in the foreground is "our Starbucks". This is facing north. Here's another shot facing more east:
These cute little guys were scampering around everywhere:
So, I got home, took a phone call, and have now just eaten lunch and it's already time to go pick Max up! My day flew by! I need to ice my foot a while when I get back from collecting kid #1. Yes, I have a bunion (gasp!) and it's getting more and more painful. I was told years ago I would eventually be looking at foot surgery. I told the Dr. that it wouldn't be until I couldn't walk anymore! Well, because I'm doing so much walking now, it's getting really, really painful. It feels like I have a pin stuck in my joint most of the time. Ice helps. I have an appt. with a specialist on Wednesday. We'll see what he says. Maybe there are some other options other than surgery cuz I really, really don't want to go that route right now. Here I am getting ready to start back working at a job that requires standing all day and now I'm in a routine of exercise which I do NOT intend to stop! I have now lost 20 lbs. and have no intention of regaining them. Exercise is critical to me right now.. not just for my body but for my mind and spirit. I need it. So, I'm going to pray for some other options on Wednesday and hopefully get out of some of this pain!

Since my salon isn't quite ready for me to start work yet, it's the perfect time to start setting up my studio space. After getting my hands on all this fabric today, I'm DYING to create! I need to get some stuff down in that room this weekend!!!


The Backporch Artessa said...

Angie it really did sound like a great day! How lucky to be so close to Fran. I hope they come up with another option for your poor tootsie!

Joanne Huffman said...

Good luck with the foot thing; I'm sending prayers and positive thoughts. It sounds like you had a delightful day and I did drool over the fabric and leather.