Saturday, January 10, 2009

Makin' the day up as I go

Last night, I sat and went through all the AMAZING, drool worthy fabric pieces my friend, Jill passed on to me. I mean, silk, cashmere, beautiful patterns and prints.. just fabric to die for, seriously. I sort of put them in piles of color families and then stacked them all in a nice neat pile in a 12 gal. plastic bin. Somewhat organized. I did this while watching a movie rental "Priceless".

Yesterday I did not take care of my foot as I should have and I paid for it last night. I couldn't go to sleep my foot hurt so badly. I got back out of bed and got an ice pack. Then, I opened up a ThermaCare Heatwrap and wrapped my foot with it, and finally fell asleep. While my foot is sore today, it is not so painful. However, I have some very sore muscles from my mountain hike yesterday!

I slept in this morning until 7:00! Eek! And I'm still in my pajamas at 9:15. I haven't had a pajama day in months because of my walking regime. I just finished baking blueberry muffins, making Max and egg burrito, cooking bacon, and now I'm going to make myself a couple of scrambled eggs and have breakfast myself. I think I'm giving my foot a rest today and no walk so I'll do some other exercises at home... maybe some ab and arm work today. Max really wants to hike the mountain with me so I may be able to take him after church tomorrow. I think I'll work on my studio a bit today. I'm so anxious to have it set up I can hardly stand it.

So, what is everyone else doing today?

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Joanne Huffman said...

I hope your foot is feeling better. I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with the fabric stash.