Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Just life

Well, I realize I haven't written in a couple of days. My life is taking new turns, decisions being made that are really hard and scary... that kind of stuff. I've spent quite a bit of time online researching some thing and looking for job openings as the salon situation being done here at my home is just not going to work out. I need to find outside employment. It feel discouraging looking because all I've ever done is hair and all I want to do is art.. something creative. I know I'm very good at organizing and administrative stuff. I love planning craft/art programs for kids and love teaching kids and adults but with the economy in such a state, what kind of job can I find utilizing this stuff? I mean, I spent 10 years being the craft coordinator for Vacation Bible school at church where I'd plan, order, prepare, write instructions, organize, distribute, teach, etc.. for 250 kids on a very, very limited budget. I'm very good at that sort of thing. I love brainstorming with people coming up with plans and programs. I one of those weird people that loves meetings! :) Anyone want to hire me?

Anyway... Yesterday, I spent several hours planning Bible study and the art projects for the next 3 weeks then going down to the church to set up for class. I then had a counseling session in the afternoon. Chuck and I both had one in the evening so it made for a long day.

The situation with my foot after my dermatologist visit has been discouraging and is taking a while to heal. It really put a damper in my walking regime. Yesterday I rode my bike and it felt good. I'll go again tomorrow. I did manage to walk down to the school to pick up kids today, be it very slowly. Chuck was gone with the car so I had to do it. No one else was bringing them home! When you are mom, you just do what you have to do.

I desperately need to do some cleaning in my house. I've been gone so much, it's seriously neglected. I have some things I need to do out and about again tomorrow and my boys have early release. UGh, I just walked down the hall still trying to chase my kids in bed and saw a giant pile of clean laundry on my bed that I'd forgotten about. Now I can't go to bed until I put them away. Yeah, just what I want to do after a really long day.

I am a few days behind posting my daily photos on my other blog too. Yikes! Need to take care of that!

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Joanne Huffman said...

I hope your foot continues to heal, even if it seems to you that it's taking forever. Sorry the plans for the salon didn't work out. Can you still get a job in someone else's salon, so you can do what you love?