Monday, January 15, 2007

Catchin' up

Whew, the weekend flew by! Friday, when I picked the boys up from school, we went straight home and started our movie marathon for our newly founded "Friday Fun Day". We managed to watch 'Over the Hedge', 'Barnyard', and 'Andre' the seal', which was based on a true story and was a favorite for all three of us. Chuck came home just in time for a game of Trouble and Max came out the winner, fair and square. It was really fun. Max told me it was an awesome day, the best day ever. And the best part of the day was ME! Is he sweet or what? We will be doing this often, from now on. I'm trying to slow down and actually make time to SIT and do things with them and let other things go. Gosh, I mean, Sam will be 8 this year! How can that be? He'll be driving in the same number of years he's been alive! YIKES! And let's not think about dating! Well, actually, for Sam, I wouldn't be surprised if he went through high school never dating. He's quite shy and already swears he'll never get married. We'll see. Max, on the other hand, will be even more of a handful. I freeze in panic at the thought of him being a teenager. I need to be praying more for them!

Saturday, I took the boys over to visit my mom and step-dad. My mom has been ill since Christmas and, at some point, when illness just doesn't go away, you have to just do things anyway. I'm always trying to protect her when she doesn't feel well, by not bringing my kids over because I know they suck the life out of her, in a good way, but draining none the less. But after so long, she needed a dose of medicine that a bottle can't provide... laughter and hugs. So we went. The boys were beyond excited to go. They think there's no place on earth better than Granny's house and I thought the same thing about my Grandmother's, and still do! I got really lucky as a kid, in that both sets of grandparents were next door neighbors! So going to see one was getting to see all! LOL! It was great! My best, best memories were being at my grandparents homes so I'm glad my boys enjoy being at my mom's so much. I went head on into Scrabble matches all day. I played 2 games with my step-dad and one with my mom, winning them all! And let me tell you, my mom is a vicious player so beating her is no small accomplishment! hehehe! I am her daughter! :) I have to tell ya' though, I was totally cracking up because my step-dad swears that my mom must have some "special powers" or something because she's almost unbeatable. He was accusing her of cheating in a way not even possible unless you were superman with xray vision! And he would not budge on his assessment and swore off playing with her. I tried to tell him there was no way for her to do what he said she is doing but he wouldn't listen. It was hysterical! I found out though, that he gave in and played her yesterday and lost both games! I imagine he was a little ticked! LOLOLOLOL! Poor Fred! He makes some good words but needs to work on his strategy and he says he won't "play like that"... well, what can I say? Anyway, mom played games with the boys (Trouble again) and watched the second Garfield movie. It was a fun day.

Sunday, we went to church and then I had to clean up some things. Chuck's dad came over for dinner and to watch a movie with us. Chuck made beef stroganoff and borrowed "Hook". It was an enjoyable evening. That is one long movie though. It was over 2 hours long and the boys hit the bed at 9:00 and were asleep in less than 5 minutes. That's pretty late for them since normal bedtime is between 7-7:30!

My sweet friend Fran has been dealing with bad vertigo for the past several days, which is a byproduct of an auto-immune disease/disorder that affects her inner ear. She has to have infusions monthly and so far, the new treatment has been very successful but, the vertigo kicked in almost a week before her next treatment is due so, her hubby, who happens to be a Dr. in practice where she receives her treatments, hauled her into work with him today to have them give her the treatment a couple of days early. I've been really worried about her. She didn't even sound like herself when she called this morning. I can't imagine living with this, especially as long as she has. I think it's been about 20 years! She's had quite a battle with her health. Anyway, she can't drive, obviously, so I'm planning to pick her up when her treatment is over and take her home. I'm hoping Chuck will watch the boys so I can go alone. The treatment usually wipes her out, makes her sick, etc... sorta' like chemo. I may see about only going to part of Bible study in the morning and then going out to her house to check on her and just sit with her. I know when you don't feel well, sitting home by yourself all day has to be so lonely and make the days so long. I plan to be more involved in her treatment plan each month in the future. If all I can do is sit with her, then that is what I will do. I wish I could make it all be better. I will continue praying for her.

Well, I guess I should get busy doing a few things here in the house and gosh, I even need to get out of my pajamas, which I'd like to just wear as a daily uniform! LOL!

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artsyfran said...

You are one of the sweetest, most amazing people I know. I'm so lucky to have you as a friend. I'm not going *anywhere* tomorrow, so you are welcome to stop by. I will be here. :) Thank you for the blessing of your friendship1