Sunday, January 28, 2007

A new song

Today was the second week in our Prayer series and it was a powerful service. Our worship leader, Randy Thompson (who happens to have several CD's out) wrote this song and I just loved it. I snatched the words from him after church and wanted to share them. It's titled "Your Voice"

So often Lord, I come before you
with an anxious heart I bring my needs
So patiently you always listen to my prayers
And when I'm done, you watch me leave.

And even now as I approach You
My thoughts are more of me than You.
There are so many things I let get in the way
Of what I know is really true

Lord, I want to worship You with all my heart
Help me not get in the way
Lord I want to know Your glory
In Yourpresence I rejoice
Lord I want You to speak to me
Teach me how to hear your voice.

I am uneasy in the silence
I'm more accustomed to the storms
I tend to look for you in the thunder and the rain
And so I miss Your still small voice

And all too often I am guilty
of believing it all depends on what I do
Though You have made it all so clear so many times
It all depends on You

It was so pretty. It was done with just keyboards and Randy playing his guitar. If anyone is interested in hearing any of the messages from my church, you can go to the website and listen to them via your computer. The web link is: Gosh, I suppose if you listened to the message from last week, you'd hear me! But today's message was even more powerful. And the woman that spoke, Martha, is one of my small group women's Bible study teachers and I tell you, I had to practically sit on my hands when she finished speaking... I wanted to just up, throw my hands in the air, and scream "YES" to the top of my lungs!

Now, I'm fighting to keep my kids in bed and evil mommy is coming out... I'm sorta' like a werewolf ... I get really ugly at night. I need to eat and go to bed. Functioning at full speed on 6 hours of sleep is bad for me. I do better with at least 8 hours or more! And guess I need to be really putting into action what I heard this morning because I need help right now....

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linda t said...

Man, I cried when Randy started that song... I sooo needed that song! What a morning! Loving this series on prayer. I need to wrestle with all that I am learning and seek the Lord for His directions in this area.
Love you Angie!