Friday, January 12, 2007

I"ve been tagged

OK, my friend Fran tagged me with a book tag. I am to reach for the first book within reach and go to page 123 and go to the 5th sentence and copy down the 3 following sentences. I have an entire bookcase just to the left of my computer... it's filled with books to tear up for art! This is the book that my hand went to when I reached: Words to Live By. It is a compilation of many writers works. OK, page 123 is written by Clifton Fadiman and it says: "We cannot love all our fellow men, except in the most abstract way. But we can at least not be indifferent to them. We can cultivate awareness;we can try always to connect. " So, there are my 3 sentences.

I think I'll tag, hmmmmm.... Linda at Take it away, Linda!


katie said...

How did I miss knowing you had a blog!?!!! Yay Angie! I'll add you to my links

artsyfran said...

Great book to have picked! :)