Monday, January 22, 2007


This is Sassy. He is one of the ferral cats of a litter that was born under my storage shed last spring. With a neighbors help, all the cats were humanely trapped and spayed/neutered. See how Sassy has his right ear clipped? That is something they do let people know that he's a ferral cat but has been fixed. Sassy was the only one with long hair and, as you can see, he has an actual mane! He has a sibling with the same coloring but short hair whom we've named Sonny. There's also Ariel, a grey tabby, and Moonlight, a black calico. Sassy is the only one who has chosen to be tamed for petting. He is such a lover and I practically trip over him when I got out. He loves to be loved... and food enticing was not involved at all! He just wants love. I wish someone had him that was home all the time and could just let him be a lap cat! My husband isn't too thrilled with all these cats around but I just say,"ahhhh, what are they hurting?" :)

These are two of my sweet babies. Minya and Max are big buddies. In fact, Max says they are engaged! LOL! See the picture of Minya by herself... notice that big engagement "ring" he made for her! hehehe!

And this is my sweet Phoebe. She's mostly an outdoor cat since she won't use a litter box but she sneaks in for naps. Minya and Phoebe are both my little old ladies now. They are 18.

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