Saturday, January 27, 2007

Yet another death

OK, so this is getting morbid maybe. Then again, maybe not. Death for a Believer is a time of rejoicing! Today, my great-uncle Martis passed away. The last time I saw him, Sam was not quite 2 years old. Uncle Martis always had quite the sense of humor however, fromt he photo posted, you can't tell... but that sassy curl hanging down on his forhead gives an hint of mischief. Knowing him, I bet he was quite the stinker to raise! I wish I knew what year this photo was taken. Uncle Martis is on the left. My grandfather is on the right. I got my red hair from my grandfather, although his was actually auburn. Lots of the grandkids on this side of my family have really red hair like mine. I've been told my whole life how much I looked like my Aunt Vertilie... and until I saw a picture, I didn't believe it. But boy, it was almost scary! So, yes, I look more like the Hall side of my family even though my mom is also fair skinned and freckled. I'm thankful I didn't get those Hall ears though. The Lord had mercy. I can't remember how far apart these two were in age. My grandfather was the youngest but passed away several years ago of leukemia. I'll scan and post a picture of Aunt Verti later...

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