Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Crawling from the hole

Well, I haven't touched a single piece of paper yet this morning. I just had to take a break to catch up on some other things here in the house. My kitchen is now nice and clean and misc. stuff is picked up. I'm so ready for normal again. I don't do well with no schedule and it seems that school for the boys helps keep my schedule! Oh, and I actually got out of my pajamas today! LOL!

Since I am in an organizing/clean out frame of mind, everywhere I look is something that I want organized! I think a list is called for.

1.) clean out the top drawer in the kitchen with baking supplies in it.
2.) clean out underneath the kitchen sink
3.) clean out the bathroom cabinet
4.) clean out medicine cabinet
5.) go through linen drawers and reorganize

And this is just stuff in the living area! I still haven't figured out organizing my art studio so it always gets saved for last! At least I do have one art table somewhat clean and functional!

Well, back to laundry and then "the paper pit".

1 comment:

artsyfran said...

Wow! You are definitely determined!
Missing you! Fran