Monday, January 1, 2007

Happy New Year!!!

Well, here it is 2007... where did time go? Since it's a day of new beginnings, I thought I'd start the new year with a new blog. I had a blog but can't figure out how the heck to access it! It had been many months since I'd written anything and now blogger has made changes so, when I updated changes, I could no longer find my existing blog. I'm not that computer literate so, out of frustration, I just made a new blog. I took the easy way out.

I don't usually do a bunch of New Years resolutions but I do want to make some goals for this year. Here they are:

1.) I want to learn to better "be still". I want my life to slow down so I can better hear God's voice and see him everywhere I look. I desire a teachable spirit.
2.) I want to take more time to just play with my boys. They are growing up so fast!
3.) I want to actually put Christmas things on a calendar for next year so I won't be caught with a million things to do the week of Christmas!
4.) I want to continue cleaning out and organizing my art studio, especially, but also the nooks and crannies of my house!
5.) Stay on top of the mail pile!
6.) Do more art for ME! Cut back on trades and collaborative projects. I want to get more things in gallery shows as well as something submitted for magazine publication.
7.) I plan to create a journal quilt for this year which consists of creating a small art quilt each month. I want my quilts to portrait something significant in my life that is happening, or I'm learning, etc... or to incorporate a new technique. I plan to bind them into a book. However, I could change my mind! :)
8.) I want to get back to my watercolor painting! I also want to venture into doing "real paintings" with acrylic as opposed to only using the acrylic as color in a mixed media piece... if that makes sense!
9.) Something I NEED to do this year is make a concentrated effort to create an actual "dinner time" in my house and cook! I do NOT like cooking but I want a sense of structure with dinner time for my family. I think I need to pray about this A LOT because it is something I really, really dread! For me, dinner time every day is like falling into a pit.... and the hole goes deeper as bedtime approaches and I have to get my kids in bed... and make them stay there! I need a change of heart!
10.) Lastly, and probably the most important, I will continue to learn and understand who God really is, not the one I have made up, and take Him out of the box I've had Him stuffed in. I want to know the REAL God and allow Him to be who He is and who He wants to be in my life. I will continue to seek Him with all my heart.

OK,these kinda' feel overwhelming now seeing them in a list! However, they are just goals that may continue for months, years, or even the rest of my life! I'm not striving for perfection, although I can only imagine the peace perfection would bring. I do know that it doesn't exist this side of heaven so striving for it only makes me crazy! This year, I will intentionally choose to focus more on the ONE who IS perfect and just know that I am loved by Him in my imperfection. I do pray that the pride in my heart continues to reveal itself as I offer it back to God. It is only in my weakness that I realize the reality of His strength, love, and power available to me.

Well, I started 2 days ago, working on all the GIANT mail pile that has accumulated over the past several months. I'm sorting, shredding, organizing, and filing receipts. My back is killing me bending over all this stuff but I'm determined to get it finished today so I can get things filed away for 2006 and start fresh with the new year. I also want to go through my boys school papers that have piled up for the school year thus far. Waiting until the end of the year is just too overwhelming. Ask me how I know.... I'll be sitting down and sorting their papers deciding what to toss or save in a notebook.

This Wednesday, I have to turn in a piece of artwork for my first gallery show, which opens Friday. I REALLY don't want to go to the opening receptions and feel guilty! I've not been able to find a baby sitter either so that adds to the stress of it. I'm thinking maybe going as a family, just so I can see the other pieces in the exhibit, and then coming home. We can maybe plan to stay for about an hour. That is pushing it for two active boys! The theme of the exhibit is Crossing the Line: an exploration of boundaries and borders. Anyway, I'm still thinking about going...The following morning, I will be doing hair for a bride for her wedding. It's been a while since I've gotten to do hair for a special occasion. Sometimes I miss doing hair, but mostly I'm too busy to miss it! My feet and back sure don't miss the hours standing though! This particular bride was one of my clients years ago. I remember doing her hair for prom! :)

OK, it's time to go eat breakfast. It is past 10:00, after all! I'm still munching on delicious pumpkin muffins with cinnamon swirl cream cheese made by my sister-in-law! They are so yummy!

Now, hopefully, I can be more persistent with keeping up my writing THIS time around!


artsyfran said...

Welcome back to the blogging world! I share some of your goals (no surprise, i'm sure!) and I know we can ehelp each other keep on our goals. I'm looking forward to some good art and friend time in 2007!

Joyce said...

glad to see you back to blogging!

linda t said...

So fun reading your blog Angie!!
Blogging has changed my life. I have met artist, crafters, gardeners, thrifters and scrappers from all over the world. I have never been more stimulated and motivated and inspired to get back to doing what I love to do! Let's be all that God created us to be!