Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Goodwill deal

Today, after Bible study, I took myself to lunch at Tokyo Express while I read some in "The Artist's Way", and afterward, I went to OfficeMax and had Sam's prize winning story copied onto card stock and coil bound into a little book. Then, I decided to stop at Goodwill before I had to pick up the kids. My great find for the day was this very cool cabinet card of a hispanic family! I've never seen one of a hispanic family and think I can do some fun artwork with this. It was in a gross plastic frame so I had the cashier take the photo out of the frame and I just left the frame there! I don't need one more thing cluttering up my house! I'm just happy to now own the photo! I was bummed that no info was written on the back side of the picture though. Even a date would have been cool... but nothing. Oh well. I'm ready for a hot bath. And tomorrow, I would like to get to stay home! Sam's best friend, Daniel, is coming over after school for a play date. They get out at 12:30 tomorrow. Sam was BEGGING for me to pawn Max off somewhere so he and Daniel could play alone. Chuck agreed to take Max out for a while so Sam is really happy. They had planned to do this last Wednesday but Daniel got strep. So they have patiently waited another week. So, tomorrow will be a short day for me at home... better make the most of it!

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artsyfran said...

Sounds like you had a good day and you're taking good care of yourself! I love the card! Looking forward to seeing the exhibit this week with you! hugs, Fran