Monday, January 22, 2007

More prayer retreat photos

The photo to the left is one of my favorites. It is a cactus skeleton! I saved some pieces and plan to use them in my artwork, at some point.

This photo below, is one I thoughts I'd done editing to and rotated the photo, however, I see that didn't happen so just turn your head sideways! LOL! Aren't these the coolest colors in the cactus?
If someone can tell me how to move the pictures around within the body of composing the post, I'd be thrilled! This is frustrating! Anyway, I love the photo of the hand of the statue reaching to heaven. I love that it is open... whether in offering or receiving.

This little bird was a special surprise and not easy to photograph! I"ve never seen a bird like this here in the desert and do not know what it is. You can tell my the size of the rose how small the bird is. The tips of his wings actually had some yellow and light green on them. He moved very flighty and quick so I was thrilled to get a half way decent shot of him!

I have a fascination with trees... the bark, the branches, the leaves. I just love them. I love the texture and color of this peeling bark on this tree.

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Jan Brown said...

Your little bird might be a female golfinch but is difficult to id from this view. They have flirty movements such as you described. Here are two links you might check out.