Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Whew, I'm back!

Well, several days ago now, my 7-yr-old spilled grape juice on my keyboard rendering it useless. I kept thinking my husband was going to pick a new one up for me since he's always out running around but that didn't happen. So, I finally got to the computer place yesterday and got a new keyboard! So, I'm back... again!

It was a busy weekend and now, the kids have been back in school for 2 days so I'm getting back into the swing of things, sorta'. It's scheduled busyness now. Usually, I like staying home at least every other day between errands but this week, I seem to have stuff going on every day!

Yesterday, I was totally spontaneous (which is totally out of character for me) and met one of my best friends, Fran (http://artsyfran.com), for coffee... which lasted until lunch! LOL! When we are together, hours become seconds! I can't even think of Fran without a smile spreading across my face! I believe, with all my heart, that our friendship is 100% orchestrated and ordained by God himself. We met in a class at Art Unraveled and then went our separate ways. I had misplaced Fran's business card and thought I had no way to contact her but thought of her often. She was such and encouragement in my class! Well, she ended up joining a yahoo group I'm in and I couldn't believe it! I mean, these groups have anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand members from all over the world in them and what are the chanced of Fran joining a group I was in with no knowledge that she'd find me there!?? Or I'd find her there! So, we have really only been friends for a couple of months that seem like our entire lives! She is like a soul mate sister and my friendship with her is a rare gift. In fact, I don't know that I've ever had a friendship quite like this. To describe it as a joy is such an understatement.


artsyfran said...

Angie, I, too feel blessed by our friendship. I was telling Dave the other day that I haven't had a friendship quite like this for at least 15 years - back when I was in college... Yes, you are a long-lost sister/kindred spirit. I felt it from the moment we met! I'm so glad we were put in each other's paths.
Lots of love, Fran

Maija said...

Hi Angie....Fran is my new friend!
Let's 3 of us get together for coffee, soon. I'll come up your way.
And....your babies are BEAUTIFUL!!