Friday, January 26, 2007

Friday Fun Day

Any day that I get to hang out with Fran is a guaranteed fun day. She got to my house by 9:00 and then we went and got our Starbuck's addictions and headed out to First Studio downtown where I have my first piece in a gallery show. It was interesting to see how other artist's interpreted the theme. And gosh, how people price their works is even more interesting! I had Fran take a picture of me with my artwork hanging!
Fran and I then hit a couple of antique stores and had the best time looking for treasures. And we got the biggest kick out of these funky, and I do mean funky shoes! Check these babies out!

By the time we made our way through two HUGE antique stores, we got hungry and decided to eat at My Florist Cafe. They have yummy food there... all this without having to drive anywhere! Both antique stores and the restaurant were all within walking distance of each other so that was great! Here's a picture of Fran at lunch. We cracked each other up as soon as we saw each other this morning. We aren't use to seeing each other with make-up on and even somewhat "real" clothes! We're always scrounged out when we are together! I did sorta' cheat and didn't do my hair today so that explains the hat but I did do make-up so that has to count for something! LOL!

While we were in the antique store, we got so tickled over the music playing because it gave us flashbacks of our childhood. We were oooing and ahhhhing of Andy Gibb! We found out that we both use to collage pictures of him from our Teen Beat and Tiger Beat magazines! We both started collage even back then!

Well, we had a great time out and now, I have to get my boys in the house because they have forgotten that it's Friday fun day. I have one movie for us to watch and then we may be playing some games. We got some fun books from the library yesterday so reading those will be fun too. I just noticed Max has ripped the knees out of yet ANOTHER pair of his pants! I swear, I'm going to have to go shopping again for pants because he's got almost none left with knees in them. And since he and Sam share clothes, that means the pants stash is going down drastically! They love wearing sweats and it's a good thing Walmart has them for five bucks a pair or I'd be in serious financial trouble trying to keep pants on them! Next fall, I think I'll have to put patches on the insides of all their pants before Max ever gets any wear out of them!

OK, I'm gonna' drag the guys in for play time. If they don't want to come in for a movie, playing a game outside would be cool since it's gorgeous outside today!

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Rhonda "Lil sis" said...

Oh, love the shoes. They look like stripper shoes! LOL