Monday, January 22, 2007

Sam's a winner!!!!

I'm so proud!!! In Sam's class at school last week, they had an assignment to write and illustrate a story about a cat. They would then be judged by a second grade class and a winner would be chosen for best story. Sam won!!!! His prize is this stuffed cat named Cozy. When I walked up to school to pick him up and saw that cat, I almost burst into tears because I knew how badly he wanted to win that contest! I don't know who was more excited, me or him! He's got quite an imagination and loves drawing too, which makes his mommy very happy! :) The story is supposedly being made into a little book to go in their library but I think I need to see if his teacher will let me run copies and make my own book!


linda t said...

Angie, oh Angie... your sharing on Sunday was simply awesome, moving, and loaded with truth... and you made me cry!
I had read the booklet during the week... cuz Randy had brought it home... and I cried reading what you were going to share... and I cried again when you shared!
Angie, you communicated such powerful truth! I so related to everything you shared!
Thank you for blessing ODF... but especially ME!

linda t said...

BTW, your boys are soooo cute!