Monday, January 22, 2007

Franciscan Renewal Center

This is the entry of the Franciscan Reweal Center where my women's Bible study group had our silent prayer retreat on Saturday. There were 11 of us that were able to go and it was a wonderful time. How great to just be together and know you don't need to use words. We were all there for a purpose and it wasn't to be together. It was to be with God, taking time to observe him in nature and His creation as well as listening to what He had to say to each of us individually. We had times during the day of coming together and sharing what we were hearing God speaking to us and other times where we were on our own to wonder the grounds, sit in the warm room, lay on a bench, whatever. The weather was pretty cold that day and it had rained so everything was wet. I was out all morning but in the afternoon, I stayed in and journaled inside. More pictures to come later. I have to get my boys up for school. They did NOT cooperate going to bed last night and I think it will be like waking the dead this morning. Ugh....

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