Thursday, October 16, 2008


Well, I got home from my meeting a little while ago and snapped this picture of my boys and their latest creation. They are both on computer restriction for name calling. This is what Sam came up with for entertainment. A movie theatre for Beanie Babies! The name of the 'film' is "Big Adventure in Little City". He even created backdrop drawings for the various scenes and has Beanie Babies acting out all the parts! I"m cracking up just listening to this story. I love it when they do these kinds of things. Oh, and Max is the intermission... he has a Beanie Baby with a paper guitar singing a song that he's making up as he goes. He sounds like Bob Dylan and he's singing, "I neeeed some moneeeyyyyyyy"!!!


Joanne Huffman said...

The Beanie Baby theater is delightful. Both your boys have great imaginations (gee, I wonder where it comes from...). And (from previous post), I'd be terrified if I saw coyotes while on a walk.


kathy mc said...

Too cute. I'll have to hand it to them, what a great imagination.