Thursday, October 16, 2008

Feelin' better

I'm feeling somewhat better this morning although a little hoarse. But, I did get up at 5:30, dress, and wait for the sun to start upward. Once there was just enough light that I felt safe, I headed out the door for a walk. I think I left about 6:00. It's now 6:40 so it was a good walk. And guess what I saw walking the direction away from my street when I was on my way home?! A pair of Coyotes! YIKES! I've heard about them and have always tried to keep an eye on all the kitties but this is the first time I've seen them. There they were, trotting down the street like they own the neighborhood.

Well, I have a meeting from 11-12:30 today and an appt. at 4:00. Some time, I promised my boys to go look at costumes while they are on break. I badly want them to let me make them but they both are begging for a Storm Trooper costume. I told them there was no way on earth I'll ever spend $40.+ on a costume and if that's how much they are, they can forget it and better start designing. I love making costumes and it's sad that they are getting to a point that it's not fun for them to have me make them anymore. ;(

I'll dig out pictures of some I've done and post them soon. My favorite was when Sam wanted to be a red Stag Beetle. I did google searches, studied the anatomy of their bodies, etc.. and went to work. Then his candy box was an empty detergent box. I glued green felt on the outsdie and then cut and painted felt leaves and attached all over it. He was so cute. That same year, Max was a car complete with working headlights and a gas tank which was his candy box! I really enjoy all the engineering to create them.

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