Friday, October 17, 2008

So, I started walking...

I finally decided it was time to stop putting off exercise. Yesterday, I started walking and it felt great, although I was sore this morning when I got up to do it again. I walked for 50 minutes this morning and took my camera along. I only stopped for a couple of shots when I was almost home. And no coyotes today.. of course, because I actually had a camera today. I love this prickly pear with all it's fruit! And this other cactus is on my street. I've stopped and studied it countless times. Today, it had a beautiful blossom on it!

I love the structure of this cactus with all it's waves. The light and shadows play on it beautifully. And the color of it! What a gorgeous blue/green!

I also went to the Y and checked out some things while my boys were swimming. I'm planning to start trying some classes this coming week. I'm thinking some type of yoga.

We're doing some cleaning out and rearranging of furniture, exercise equipment, etc.. in my house so it's a tiring job and mostly what I'll be doing this weekend.

I watched a movie last night called "Goya's Ghost". It was interesting with great costumes and gosh, the make-up artists did a phenomenal job on Natalie Portman. How they can make someone so incredibly beautiful look so awful in a movie is nothing short of a miracle. Tonight, I watched "Definitely, Maybe". I really liked this one a lot.

Now it's late and I'm heading for bed.

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Joanne Huffman said...

the cactus blossom pictures are lovely!