Monday, October 13, 2008

just some stuff

Max came home a week or so ago with this little construction paper guy he made. Max's personality comes screaming through when you realize that he made the guy so his shirt would open revealing a hairy chest! LOL! And check out the key ring!

I thought I'd share my dead insect collection. Yes, I have one and I know I've mentioned it before. I did decide to contain it and get them all off my computer when I sorta' freaked out a girlfriend one day when she realized they were real. Now they are kept in a glass top cigar box. I love looking at them and find them beautiful and fascinating. I don't know if this makes me a little sick or not. But hey, other artist's collect bones and teeth! While I've threatened to make a charm bracelet out of my kids baby teeth, I haven't gone there yet... and I do not collect bones.

I have been a collector of things since childhood. I started my first scrapbook when I was 7 years old. My scrapbooks from high school are pretty awesome but falling apart. It's funny to see the things I saved. I've been going through them some lately. Over the years, I've had to cut down on some of my collections because, well, you just run out of room! I do have a collection of Hall pottery from the 40's that I love, since my maiden name was Hall. I don't have room to have all of it out but have some of it above my kitchen sink on a shelf. I had to get rid of some of my books because they really take up a lot of room. I still have a bunch but often get rid of a book as soon as I read it. I have 5 shelves of books in my art studio for the sole purpose of destruction... for art's sake! I have several old vintage quilts of my grandmother's. I saved a million small trinkets and things from childhood. I'm such a visual person and love having something to look at to bring back memories. I started collecting rocks and beach glass a few years ago and now, when I go to the beach, that is like a meditative thing for me to do on my walks... just searching for treasure. There is nothing more soothing to the soul. These are just some things I collect...

What do you collect?

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Tiglizzyclone said...

Your bug box brings back memories. When I was in 10th grade our science teacher had us collecting bugs. Seems I remember being in the woods overturning rocks and stuff. I ended up with more bugs than the other kids.