Wednesday, October 8, 2008

New Artist's Group and other stuff

Yesterday was, in a word, exhausting. I have a low capacity for constant running around and I am CRAVING some alone, quiet time. I taught my Bible Study class yesterday and got everyone started on a cool new project, which I think I already spoke of in an earlier post. I'll have to check. Anyway, I was running late getting there and I absolutely hate running late for anything. And running late for a class where you are meditating just really sucks. I was literally shaking when I sat down and it's hard to clear my mind when I'm like that. I don't get the full benefit of class when I walk in the door frantic. I usually get there 30 minutes early but yesterday just didn't happen like that. In spite of it all, it was a successful class. Our class ends at 11:30 and I didn't get home until 12:30 having to clean up and put supplies away. Thankfully, I live only 1 mile from church so no driving in traffic.

I caught up on e-mail, did some house stuff, ate lunch and then it was time to start the kid pick up. Got the boys home and homework done. Thankfully, neither of them had a lot. Chuck called and said he still had 3 more meetings that day and wouldn't get home until 10:00 so I had to take the boys to swim. But, frantically, before I could do that, all in the hour of getting the boys home, snacks, homework, and ready for swim, Chuck came in and I had to press his dress clothes and cut his hair! (boohoo.. he made me buzz it all off again!) I was happy to have that 30 minutes of swim practice to sit and read the latest issue of Quilting Arts.

My babysitter arrived and off I went to my new Mixed Media Art group, after a nice cup of coffee to get my butt off the floor! We had a really nice meeting with 12 in attendance. I think it will be a fun group. We have a wide variety of talent in the group. My best friend, Fran, couldn't make it due to her monthly treatments for her illness but we planned our next meeting around her treatment next month so she can attend! Fran, I made them get out a calendar for you! ;) It will be fun to gather with like minded people each month.

I woke up this morning at about 4:45. I'm a morning person by nature but really wish I could've slept another hour. Once I wake up, my brain goes into high gear and I can't get back to sleep. But I LOVE being the only one up in the morning in the dark. I love watching the sunrise. My studio is actually on the west side of my house so I get to see the amazing Arizona sunset every evening (which also heats up my studio a bit too much for my liking) so in the morning, I just have to watch for the lighting of the sky and I start running back and forth to my front window for the sunrise. I love winter sunrises the best. I don't know why they are more beautiful but they are. I watch the sky streaked with colors that can never come in a tube of paint and my heart sings. I feel like it's God's morning greeting to me, personally. It brings me joy.

This time last week, I had my migraine and had to cancel my mammogram appt. God, how I hate, hate, HATE having those things done. But today is the day. I can expect to suffer for several weeks in the aftermath. OK people, you'd think that if man can get a rocket to the moon, they could invent a better way for mammograms other than the pancake method. Seriously. I always think that machine is going to cause some kind of permanent damage to my breast tissue. It sure feels like it. I mean, when they tell you, "hold your breath and don't move", they actually think you CAN breath at that moment?!?! As you stand there gritting your teeth fighting tears. Geez, the suffering we women do.

Woo Hoo, it's Wednesday, my only t.v. night! Project Runway is my favorite show but I think tonight may be a special show or something since now, the 4 in the final run all have to create collections so I need to check when that episode will air for the actual Runway show. I'm still ticked that Kenley didn't get her snotty butt kicked off two weeks ago. I just can't take the arrogant, argumentative attitude. I love Korto and Jerell's designs this season so I think it's going to really come down to the two of them. Although, I'm interested to see what LeAnne does with her designs now that a challenge isn't in place. The collections for the runway are really the chance to see the heart and vision of the artist at work. It's the place they can be true to themselves so I love seeing what they do.

OK, I know ya'll are tired of reading. Sorry I don't have pictures to post. Don't know if I'll get any painting done today since I also have an appt. I have to go to with Chuck this afternoon and my boys have early release from school every Wednesday. So they day is already eaten up before it even gets started! Ugh! And next week is fall break! We didn't get fall break when I was a kid so I don't know what's up with that. It throws me off my routine! Now I have to find babysitters for stuff next week.

But maybe can get a painting started. Max brought in some pomegranates yesterday and I said to him, "Hey, can you not eat those yet? I need to paint them". He gets my art at only (almost) 7 years of age and it's so cool. So yes, I get to paint them first. He's my little affirmer.

I'm gonna' shut up now. I can't imagine anyone is still reading this... And hey, all you out there all over the world reading my blog, how did you ever find me? My site meter shows visitors from places I never imagined so leave me a comment sometimes, those of you visiting me here! I love comments, even if it's just to let me know you are reading!


Lisa Gallup said...

I hope you enjoy your art group! I started a small group several years ago. We call ourselves "M-cubed" for "Mixed Media Mavens." We meet every other Monday and loooove getting together. These ladies have become some of my best friends - it's so wonderful to have local peeps to connect with art-wise!!

Joanne Huffman said...

Having a local art group (and, actually, I'm in 2) is one of the joys of my life. I want to see your pommegranite painting! I hope you get your computer fixed (yes, I'm replying to the other entries in this one). I'd be lost without my computer. And, good for you for getting in touch with an old friend.


Connie said...

i read you all the time, Angie....but I don't usually comment - i enjoy reading about you and your family and your adventures and your art. you are an amazing woman!