Sunday, October 12, 2008

Getting ready

Well, I just finished cleaning off my desk hoping that my computer will be ready to pick up tomorrow.  But, it may be as late as Wednesday.  I'm crossing my fingers, toes, and eyes for tomorrow.  I miss it like you wouldn't believe!  Chuck bought me an external hard drive today so I'll be backing my stuff up daily, from here on out.

I also spent a LOT of time cleaning in my kitchen today.  I know I mentioned that Chuck was cooking Friday evening for 7 friends of his.  Actually, it was more like hosting a small family reunion for one of his biker buddies from high school.  Anyway, Chuck served up 4 different homemade pizzas which were  more Wolfgang Puck style... and let me tell you, he could go up against him any day!  He made:
Tandoori chicken (My personal favorite that just has flavors exploding in your mouth.  You have to just sit with your eyes closed, groaning, to really absorb the amazing flavors of the mango chutney, tandoori chicken, spicy Indian sauce, buffalo mozzarella, and cilantro)
Thai chicken (with a peanut butter/honey sauce, curry chicken, green onions, and cilantro.  Yummy but rich)
Italian sausage with red bell pepper and red onion
heirloom tomato, basil, and buffalo mozzarella (my second favorite!)
Seems like there was one more but I can't remember.  I was only able to eat 2 small slices of pizza's #1 and #2.  I have eaten left overs the past 2 days and still haven't tasted the sausage pizza.  Anyway, when Chuck cooks, he's MESSY!  I cleaned up most of it Friday night, some on Saturday, but today, what was left was the worst.  He created his own version of a clay oven by purchasing several clay slats, which he pieced together on 4 racks between our two ovens.  He cooked the pizzas directly on the clay tiles.  Well, I spent God knows how much time today chiseling these things to clean them.  And, even more special was the bits of dough baked to the very back wall of the oven where he didn't realize how large he had made the pizzas and that they were hitting the back wall of the oven.  It was quite a clean up job.

Max hasn't felt his normal self today.  He's been coughing.  At least, if he's going to get sick, there's no school this week.  But, I have a meeting in the morning besides all the set up I have to do for my Bible Study class Tuesday morning.  And then there's Bible Study Tuesday so, I'm really hoping he's not going to get sick because I need babysitters!  I'm still trying to find someone to watch them.  My mom is in Flagstaff celebrating her 20th anniversary with my step-dad and I can't remember when she's getting back!

Well, guess I'll sign off for tonight.

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