Saturday, October 18, 2008

This morning's walk

I can already tell that as the season sets in and it gets light later and later, I'll have to change my walking plan, which is a bummer. I like going before the kids get up. Anyway, here are a few shots from my walk this morning. First, you see the moon as it looked just as I walked out of my house.

Next, we have a pair of hawks that flew overhead and perched on these huge antennas. These enormous antennas are only part of what this homeowner has growing out of their backyard. I can't imagine what all this is for. Maybe they are trying to contact aliens! All I know is that I'm glad this person doesn't live on my street! What a sight! But I loved seeing the hawks.
Here is the sun beginning to rise over the mountain that is sort of in view from my house. It use to be called Squaw peak and is one heck of a climb, but was renamed Piestewa (sp?) peak after the Iraqi war got going. It's names after an American Indian woman from Arizona that was killed in action. I still call it Squaw peak and always will. This is what Chuck took me to do on our first 'date'. I thought I'd die before we got to the top! I haven't hiked it in several years now because the coming down just kills my knee, which has been injured twice. When you get to the bottom and you are crying in pain, it's a big clue to stop doing it!
And lastly is the trunk of one of my favorite trees in the neighborhood. There are 3 massive Eucalyptus trees on the next street over. And I mean massive. I LOVE these trees. They are magnificent. I wish one was in my yard! I'm fascinated at the bark of these trees.
Well, I just finished cooking some Quinoa for breakfast so I'm going to eat and then face a day of cleaning out and organizing.

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Joanne Huffman said...

good photos. I felt like I was walking with you.

Joanne, who never walks up mountains anymore