Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Well, yesterday, after getting my kids to school, I started out walking to my friend, Martha's house, which is about 2 miles away. We had a meeting to get somethings ready for a large group Bible study this morning... about 70 women. That took a couple of hours and then I walked home. I ran in the door to grab my wallet so I could jet over to Costco really fast because I just needed to be done with the "out running" and get home to start packing things in my studio for the big move out of the room. Well, when I popped in, around 10:30, Chuck told me that some of the construction plans have changed a bit and now, I had ONLY Monday to get the entire studio empty as well as the kids play area. Thankfully, they didn't have much stuff back there since I'd moved things out over the weekend. However, I thought I had a month to move all my stuff out, not ONE day! But I did it. My house barely had a trail to walk last night. By 9:00, I was ready to drop. Every part of my body was throbbing. I'd been going non-stop since before 5:00 that morning. I had to really think about what things I needed easy access to but could go in storage, what things I don't need any time soon for storage, and what things needed to stay in the house for a while. I have a little make-shift area set up for me.

My previous studio was actually in an enclosed back porch area where it had been made into a room by previous owners. It was never built to code and in reality, was very make-shift. Keep in mind that the man who did this also had all his electrical wiring on the INSIDE walls of the house covered by plastic casing. That is how it was when we bought the house and obviously rewired the whole thing. And when we remodeled the kitchen, we pulled out the old oven to find that there was no electrical outlet... it just had wires all twisted together for the electricity. It's a wonder this man hadn't burnt the house to the ground, seriously. Anyway, back the the studio. We are bringing the room up to code as well as knocking out a wall and expanding it as well as redoing the adjoining storage shed which had a rotted roof. The first step in the studio is going to be dealing with concrete and bringing the floor level up even with the house. But, in order to do it, the existing walls have to be saw cut out all along the bottom and steel reinforcements put in. So a series of beams and posts have to be built on the outside walls to temporarily hold the roof. This newly raised concrete floor will extent to the storage room which currently houses the hot water heater, which will have to be moved to do the concrete work. So, that is getting moved today too. I can't move all my things into the new room I will have for a studio until the back room is finished for Chuck to move all his things out there, since we are trading spaces. I'm still a bit sad about losing my room though. But, it will be fun to fix up my own little space from the ground up, with intention. Not just everything thrown in it. I'm thinking of painting a wall a fun color... maybe red.

Oh! I just looked at the time. I have to get dressed for walking. I will leave in about 20 minutes. Once I get back, I'll have to get the kids to school and get myself ready and out the door for Bible study. I have parent/teacher conferences for both my boys this afternoon so I won't get much of a break in between my return from Bible study and picking up Max at 2:05, but that's just how my life is lately... non-stop. I long for a few lazy days. I need a beach vacation! And yes, I know, it's getting cold at the beach... but you see, I don't like getting in the water. I like bundling up and walking when it's kind of cold!

OK, gotta' run....


rscoach said...

Angie - I'm exhausted reading your blog post! but how exciting that you'll be getting a new space to create into your studio - you are an inspiration with your daily walking - I'm trying to get into doing that - determined to let go of these lbs that have crept up and stayed waaaaaaaaay too long - I think of you often as I look at my rubber duckie band! I've been busy creating a series of 5 mini-books to teach in a class this November (yikes! around the corner) you can check out what I've been up to on my blog - also getting ready for our So Cal Mixed Media Yahoo Group that I formed to meet for the the 3rd time this Sunday - big hugs xoxo Reva (Los Angeles) my blog - CreativeRebelGal.blogspot.com

Joanne Huffman said...

You certainly have reason to be exhausted!