Sunday, October 19, 2008

What do you do when....

.... you are a women who does not enjoy shopping, and you have a husband who lost a ton of weight and now weighs about the same as you? You steal his jeans, baby! Yep, you got it. And I did it! I was doing laundry this past week putting his jeans away when all of the sudden, I say to myself, "hmmmmm, I wonder...." And they fit perfectly! They are Lee Carpenter jeans and fit me better than they fit him... but don't tell him that. And I didn't have to go shopping! Wooohooo! He did notice them though... he looks at me and has this weird, puzzled look on his face and asks, "Are those my pants." Uh, yes but you can borrow them back sometime. ;) He did say they looked 'cute' on me so... he won't be wearing these much. LOL!

And these, THESE are dangerous for me to have in my house when I'm trying to lose weight and get in shape:
You'd think it would be the CASE of my favorite candy my hubby bought me but no... it's fishy crackers. I love Raisinettes, I really do. But I can only eat a few at a time or I feel sick. So I just don't open packages. But these little orange fishies? Well, I wonder how many I could eat before I got sick? I'm NOT going to find out, although maybe that would cure me... eat until I got sick, I mean. But no, I'm not doing it. Maybe I could have a limit... say 10 a day? I do better if I never bring the temptation things into the house. But when shopping for lunch stuff yesterday, Max asked for fishy crackers and I made the mistake of sticking one... or more, into my mouth. OK, so I probably ate a quarter cup. I'm on rationing now. Maybe I'll put the container in a pain-in-the-rear-end place to reach? Then, there's always the case of Raisinettes.... no, I'm doing good resisting those... As much as I love having a new pair of jeans, I'd rather get to shop and buy my own that fit a smaller, leaner, firmer body. Hopefully by Christmas! Hey, I lost 3 lbs. last week! So I am on my way.

I wanted to try a new yoga class this week and I planned on it until I realized that Wednesday, day of the class, is Max's birthday. I always have lunch with my boys on their birthdays and, unfortunately, the class is around the same time as Max's lunch time. ;( I'm going to confirm his lunch time with his teacher but I'm pretty sure there's no way to make both. I need to pull out the schedule and see what other classes are happening during times I can go. And, I'm planning to have a personal trainer meet with me to get a weight lifting program into place. When I use to exercise obsessively about 15 years ago, I loved lifting weights. I dug out my gloves and am looking forward to that aspect of exercise.
Nothing transforms the look and shape of your body faster, in my opinion. I can't wait to be able to walk in a store and put something on that actually fits and looks nice without spending hours and hours in frustration. I know I'm not alone in this. Shopping could be used as some sort of torture, I think. And what is with designers? I mean, clothes are either made for girls about 16, with these itty-bitty bodies and of really clingy, form fitting fabric. OR, you have clothes that look like something your grandmother would wear. When you are in your 40's, it's hard to find clothes that look age appropriate and body appropriate. If anyone has an advice for designers to look for or stores to shop for real women, please let me know. The only designer I've ever had any sort of luck with is Elizabeth Claiborne. She makes clothes that often fit my body well. Some seasons, it's the designs that don't do anything for me. Or the color palette popular that season. I don't know what is up for fall but I do NOT do anything pink or foofoo flowery. Bleh! NOT me. I love, love, love patterns and textures used in men's clothing and wish I could just shop in the men's department but I don't want to look like a man! OK, enough of the clothing rant.


Joanne Huffman said...

Congrats on the no-shopping new jeans. Good luck with the exercise program (I have to admit, when I first saw the photo of your exercise gloves, my first thought was how cool it would be to alter them).


NanAZ said...

I'm so with you on the shopping thing. I like shopping, but hate it when nothing fits right. I'm hoping to start walking and take off a few pounds. We're going to Hawaii in December and I know it's not going to be pretty in a swimsuit, but don't want it to be as bad as it is now. So, I have about 4 weeks. Wow!

I've never liked exercise, so it's really a chore for me. I would love someday to get to the point where I enjoy it, but it hasn't happened in the last 50 years, not expecting it in the next 50, but we'll see...