Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I survived!

Well, I survived my mammogram and hopefully, the compared results from the last one will be fine and I'm off the hook for another year. Hallelujah! I had to wait a really long time but enjoyed a nice conversation with an older woman sitting next to me so it helped pass the time.

Today, I had the priveledge of finally tracking down and talking with someone I've wanted to talk to for over 25 years. When I was 17, I dated the nicest guy ever. I have always wanted to thank him for how well he treated me, respected me, and made me feel special. Today, I got the chance to do that. It was wonderful getting to catch up with him on his life and it was as if no time has ever passed. Coming from my VERY southern Baptist background, my parents had issues with his coming from a Catholic background and finding nothing wrong with occasionally drinking alcohol. They forbid me to see him. They did not know then, that just about every other guy on the "approved list" not only drank, but weren't exactly as they'd expected in other ways either. Only Bryan was really what they'd have wanted me to date but they couldn't get past the alcohol issue even though he had never drank when we were together. Anyway, you can go back and undo the past but I did get to thank him. And that was important to me. He's now a successful television journalist for a station in Alabama and I'm really happy that he discovered his true passion and followed it.

The rest of the day was just a whirlwind. I had to pick up a babysitter, who took the boys to swim today, in my place. I had to go to an appt. with Chuck. We got home, got the sitter delivered to her house, and then I had to do homework with the boys. Now it's almost bedtime. I barely ate today and finally got some pita and hummus in my stomach so I'm not dizzy. I don't know why I do that. You'd think I'd be stick thin for the amount I eat. I'm not a snacker either. But I really need to start working out. It's that word "start" that is stopping me. Ugh!

So, no painting time today. Tomorrow I won't get any either due to other time consuming appts.

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