Saturday, October 25, 2008

Day of catch up

Today was my day to stay home and catch up on all the things that have been let go while I've been gone so much this week. Not to mention that since some rooms in my house are getting everything switched around and rooms traded, my house looked like a bomb went off.

I started my day with an hour walk and then dug my heels in. Everything is in as good order as possible considering that lots of things are being moved around. I'm still working through all the laundry though. It's been a long, busy day. And, to top it off, I feel like another bladder/urinary tract infection has hit and luckily, I still had a refill prescription the Dr. gave me last month in case the infection returned over the weekend. I never filled it but did today. I hate taking antibiotics and will be taking mega doses of acidophilus but gosh, the infections seem to hit me outta' no where. Apparently they can be more frequent in women who have gone through menopause, which is me. I know, I'm too young... 44 next month, but it's true.

Yesterday, Chuck and I went for appt.'s with our new primary care Dr. We love her! And, I found that I have actually lost 7 lbs. in the past week! I'm really excited! We also got flu shots yesterday which may be why I've felt so tired yesterday and today.

Chuck and I are going through some intensive counseling both together and separate and it's hard to believe how exhausting emotional issues are. They physically, emotionally, and mentally wipe me out.

Max had a play date with his friend, Anna, yesterday after school while Sam was at a friends house. Since we are doing major work here at the house, I took the kids to play at McDonald's while I painted. I haven't finished my 5th pumpkin painting yet as it still needs detailing but it's almost finished.

Well, that's my weekend so far... tiring....but it feels so much better to have my house clean!

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Joanne Huffman said...

You certainly have a lot going on in your life. I'm sending you energy restorative cyber hugs.